Our Family and Friends

Family's grow and go off their operate ways, sometimes close to home, other times other States or even another country. Its hard to keep in touch as much as we would like. Even Facebook can be hard to get through to find whats important. Hopefully this will give us a place to look and see some of the latest pictures. Below is just a small portion of the overall family.

Cross Family

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We have a lively group here, Christopher, Madelyn, Emma and Bradley

Mullins Family

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The Mullins family is proud to present Kevin, Sheri, Malory and Marloe

Shoaf Family

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The proud to be Texans, Caleb, Jessica, Max and Presley.


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What family is complete without a bunch of friends to share our lives with

Random Cross Family Gallery

Below is a random post from the Cross Family Gallery. Every time the page is loaded, a different gallery will appear. You can click on the gallery to view larger images.

Latest Additions

This is our Latest Additions, a small collection of the larger picture. We post the latest messages, pictures or information here for everyone to view. We may post a picture of an outing, or a special message to someone. We might post something from a vacation or a short trip or even just something for fun.

Family Fishing Trip

Looks like a beautiful day to head out to the Snake River to catch some Small Mouth Bass. From the looks of things, they caught a few, they even put the thumb in the mouth to keep them from

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Kids in the Park

Jessica googled parks around Allen Texas and ended going to this one that had the Space Shuttle, so of corse it was time for a photo op. Love the look on Presley's face. Lets get this thing

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Snow Day

Snowing in Texas, so it was time to get out and investigate the white stuff. I miss the snow days in Idaho, makes everything so quiet.

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